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Avoidance moves - using both before & after for the same feature

Richard 3 years ago in Auto Features updated by Liviu 8 months ago 6

 it would be a good idea to be able to adjust BOTH 'before' & 'after' when using avoidance moves on the same feature.for example, you might want a before distance of 40 but an after of 80. 


Develop of a tool that handles the change of the Adaptive Scanning Strategies Parameters in a set of Auto Feature holes

Liviu 8 months ago in Auto Features updated by DavS 8 months ago 7

Actual versions of Pc-Dmis doesn't handles the Copy/Paste Parameters for automatic features with Adaptive Scanning Strategies. If the measurement routines has a high number of features, and you want to change a parameter such as point density, speed, acceleration or filtering options you have to change the holes 1 by 1 with F9 button. If the measurement routine has 5-10 holes it can be done, but if the measurement routine has a high number of holes than this is counterproductive you loose to much time changing parameters.

It is not possible to cancel the features change one of them and after copy it with pattern, because you will loose any connection to constructed features or dimensions.

Normal parameters for a Ø10 mm hole are present in the window below, but this means that the measurement will be done with 188 hits. For 80 holes in a measurement routine this is time consuming.

If i want to Override the Point density from 6pts/mm to 1 pts/mm i have to go 80 times F9 and change manually the option for all holes in the same pattern.


The option to extract point data from auto features.

Dave Drew 3 years ago in Auto Features updated by Neil Ryan 2 years ago 14

The option to extract individual point data from auto features, so that I can report xyz values for a single point.


Measure Now toggle icon

davehocum 3 years ago in Auto Features updated by Guillermo 8 months ago 25

Add a Warning dialog window when this toggle is ON or some type of control to allow the user to be able to know the Auto Feature will be executed.


I would like to be able to change a contact auto feature into a vision one (and vice versa) without having to delete the feature and recreate it

neil.kay 3 years ago in Auto Features updated by Kyle Brummans 10 months ago 2

It would be a good time saver to not need to reprogram if there was a toggle parameter in the edit window for auto features for sensor type


Add option(s) in Auto Plane feature to allow for better control of hit placement

Matteo Contro 2 months ago in Auto Features updated 1 month ago 8

To add the option to choose different distances for the point in auto plane feature, in order to measure rectangular instead of only square plane, and avoid to change manually the points.


Changing the vector approach on a Circle

jean-francois.manlay (jefman) 3 years ago in Auto Features updated by Jon Wood (NinjaBadger) 2 years ago 4

It would be nice to add a 3d vector approach in auto circle, to measure circles on cone, sphere... without doing it by autovector points.


Creation of "mirrored" points

Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 9 months ago in Auto Features updated by Kyle Brummans 8 months ago 2

Idea spawned from the user forum, recently from this discussion:


The longing for a function like this has been around for a long while. Basically what it should do is to create a second vectorpoint based on the vector from the first auto vectorpoint and place that second vectorpoint on the CAD surface that the first vectorpoints vector will intersect/hit. If you don't have CAD, the possibility to control the distance between the points must exist for it to be useful without CAD.

Example of using the function when measuring a groove:

(1) The function should use a "simple" auto vectorpoint as start where we place the vectorpoint at our intended position

(2) The vector of this vectorpoint is used to find the closest CAD surface along the points vector

(3) The new - or "mirrored" - vectorpoint is created on the CAD surface using the vector from the CAD surface

(4) This way we can create "perfectly" opposite points along the groove

This is not just applicable for grooves, but also for opposite planes where we want to create a plane out of the midpoints of the opposite planes - for this we need to be able to place the hits for the planes opposite each other. It is doable today, but very tedious and a function like this would ease the process.


Auto Planes

Graham_Sam 3 years ago in Auto Features updated by davehocum 3 years ago 11

When using an auto plane, we would like to see the option for start points and end points for the plane, as manipulating the points manually around other features can sometimes be difficult.


Compare programs

V.Maglov 1 year ago in Auto Features updated by neil.kay 9 months ago 8

Make it possible to open two programs side by side and have an automated feature to highlight the differences between the two i.e. if you open the Product_v1.2 program and Product_v1.4 program side by side in the same window/on same screen/ the software to be able to show the differences between the two programs by highlighting the background on the sections where they differ.

Alternatively you should be able to copy/paste and visually compare between the two programs.