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Add Python for scripting

JVP 3 years ago in Automation updated by davehocum 9 months ago 2

Add python scripting with full Automation including reading CAD information tree.


Basic Script Editor

jason beaudoin 3 days ago in Automation updated by davehocum 3 days ago 1

an overhaul/update of the basic script editor portion of the software would boost the

automation capabilities.

a more comprehensive help file with examples and add "intellisense" the the script editors

tool kit would allow more users to learn scripting and therefore develop programming methods

and custom scripts to automate.


TempComp with ASSIGN

Henning Förster 10 months ago in Automation 0
Is it possible to replace the measured value of the workpiece with a variable in the TempComp command?

Batch edit of programs

Brodsgaard 2 years ago in Automation 0

We have a lot of programs, and nearly all programs have some standard text within the programs. And when we have to change some of the text we have to edit all of our programs one by one. Therefor batch edit of programs I think could be a really nice idea for PC DMIS with Search and replace into a program folder.

Or maybe have the option to open PRG files in  a external editor like Notepad++.
We will soon implement subroutine to our programs to make it a littler more simple to our program edits.


Multiple part execution with toggle instead of having to code loops

Lupe Chavez 2 years ago in Automation updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 1

Saving measurement routines (programs) as compressed files.

John Riggins 3 years ago in Automation 0

At our facility we save the "program" for every part that is measured. We started doing this several years ago in order to be able to review the actual "program" that had been processed by inexperienced operators. This practice has continued to this day. We don't often review these saved programs, but this practice has saved more money over the long run than it has cost.

The major "cost" is drive space. This saving uses up lots of disk drive space.

It would be great if we had the option to "save as" a compressed file.


user group and run programs

romeo.matkovic 3 years ago in Automation updated by neil.kay 3 years ago 2

Pcdmsi should have login inside aplication. For login diferents privilegies to create, chenge run programs. Need tohave user friendly and configurable desktop for runing programs, like separate desk. One desk for programing another for run programs . Like some of older Part program runs with picture and programs descriptions.


Create a public API for external automation

Kyle Brummans 11 months ago in Automation 0

Create an API platform that is friendly to programmers (non-pcdmis code) to access and manipulate information and processes in PC°DMIS. (Example: https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc-dmis-enterprise-metrology-software/pc-dmis-code-samples/22927-pcdmis-automation-with-visual-csharp-2010-express)

This would allow companies, labs, and hexagon the ability to integrate with more softwares.  


☑ Override favorites to top of list - Sorting for Alignments /Dimensions

Kyle Brummans 11 months ago in Automation updated by Bill Kulpa 7 months ago 2

The ability to favorite a feature and sort those to the top of a list in alignments or when dimensioning.

(Perhaps a check box to  ☑ Override favorites to top of list)

Many times I'm referencing a common datum feature and have to continuously hunt for it in the list.


Open Template / Program Template Search Path

Kyle Brummans 12 months ago in Automation updated by neil.kay 3 months ago 4

Very Simple Idea. \

Add a set search path option for 'Template Programs'. 

Add to the drop down menu under 'Open' ; 'Open Template'. 

This then drives to your set search path for template programs.