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Probe Head rotation - collision avoidance into machine bridge legs

wayne.branton 3 years ago in Calibration updated by neil.kay 1 year ago 8

When calibrating a longer probe, have PCDmis automatically avoid colliding with the bridge support legs of the frame when indexing for the next angle. Although you can specify the order of calibration, it would be a nice feature to have the machine alarm or automatically avoid this collision in the first place.


Specify Master Probe

Jon Wood (NinjaBadger) 1 year ago in Calibration updated by Wesley Timmermans 4 months ago 6

Create functionality to specify a Master probe tip, such that it removes the ability to define reference sphere location with any another tip.

I imagine this would be relatively simple to do, and of incredibly high value to the end user.

Once tick box in Setup somewhere to 'Use Master Probe' 

Once ticked Select a Probe & Tip combination which is the master probe.

Once enabled, when you click measure if the probe tip isn't the master probe then the option to select Sphere has moved (either manual or DCC) is disabled.

Likewise the No - Sphere has not moved option could be disabled for the master probe/tip.

The only 'complexity' I can think of would be if the user went to calibrate the Master probe with a user defined calibration order where the Master tip wasn't selected first.



Sergio 8 months ago in Calibration updated by Sudhanshu Trivedi 1 month ago 9

Add a key in the calibration area where you can save and import a list of angles because every time you create a probe you have to start from zero.


Sort probe order based on B angle for faster calibration

Joshmxz 1 year ago in Calibration 0

Have the ability to sort all angles by angle A or B. A is currently the only way. If sorting by B, the Calibration routine will be much shorter.


AutoCal Parameter Sets

Nick Sosebee 3 months ago in Calibration 0

I would like to see parameter sets added as a parameter of the PROBEDATA function. I currently use a log file (.csv) to track the calibration of parameter sets of probe tips for different programs. 

Currently, one can use the date and time data in a probe file for a particular tip to get information on the last calibration date/time, but there is nothing like that for parameter sets.


Vector Map Touch Trigger Probe characteristics to Minimise lobing error

david.carter 7 months ago in Calibration updated by Jon Wood (NinjaBadger) 7 months ago 1

Many customers are not aware of the significant lobing error on a touch trigger probe. Currently we do not 'map' this lobing error other than average it. In some cases (long stylus length and higher spring forces)  the lobing can be significant and will result in errors whilst measuring, especially when single point measuring. PC-DMIS should be able of map the characteristics and thus provide more accurate measurements. This will give us an advanced over competitor software.


Add a possibility to cancel searching of global used probes

Thilo Graf 11 months ago in Calibration updated by Kyle Brummans 8 months ago 3

It would be nice to have a possibility to cancel the global search feature. 


Creating a calabration program

Joseph.Torres 1 year ago in Calibration 0

I want to create a program that I can calibrate multiple probes add in angles and re-prove my probes.

If probes were cleaned or moved for some reason I just want to start a program touch off on my Qualification Tool then watch it go.  


Add the ability to View a Calibration Sphere Tool and Probe during calibrations in the Graphics Window

davehocum 1 year ago in Calibration 0

Add the ability to View a Calibration Sphere Tool and Probe during calibrations in the Graphics Window. This would also be a great option to test large probe builds for offline programming for Auto Calibration Programs.


Self motivated probe calibration trigged by PC -Dmis and can be actived by mobile APP

(Allen) Du 2 years ago in Calibration updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

PCdmis is smart enough to notify the probe needs calibration after automatic detection by itself. And can be triggered by mobile APP