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Hover Over info

Lord_Warfield 3 years ago in Help updated by Jared Hess 4 months ago 1

Help files attached to the icons. Hover over the icon and get a pop up (help?)that links you to the help files associated to the icon.


PC-DMIS Community

Matteo Contro 2 months ago in Help updated by neil.kay 2 months ago 4

It could be grat to create a community for PC DMIS users where anyone can share his own problems, questions, examples, passion, experience...

This could help users in every day small problems and increase abilities of anyone that uses this software, in both big or small working reality. 

The community can't take the place of the assistance service, but it may be helpful too.


Bug Watch Forum

Kyle Brummans 8 months ago in Help updated by Jared Hess 4 months ago 1

Unfortunately, metrology software in general is riff with bugs.  - It happens -

Often, we are stuck to find them on our own with only our own attempts of validation before calling the help line.

It would be very nice and awesome if the following could happen.

-Allow users to sign a confidentiality agreement (not to expose flaws exorbitantly)

-Allow those users access to the list of known/confirmed bugs

-Open a forum to the discussion and troubleshooting of bugs and workarounds to help save time and potentially inaccuracies.


Had to have IT Department fix windows 10

Gmoney 2 years ago in Help updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 1

We tried to install Polly works and windows 10 froze at 80%.

It took our IT department 4 hours to fix and now when I start PC Dmis I get a message.

"You do not have a License. PC-DMIS cannot continue.


High Point Help

Kingsld1 2 years ago in Help updated by Kyle Brummans 11 months ago 5

Help files need to make it clear that the working plane and alignment has to match the vector you want the high point to calculate to.   

Either that or change the high point measurement routine to calculate to the entered/ CAD IJK values regardless of working plane or alignment.  This actually seems more intuitive to me.


turkce dilinde yardım index neden yok

e.gunduz 2 years ago in Help updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 2

turkce dilinde Yardım etmek index neden yok