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Improve clearance cube functionality

David Courtney 2 years ago in Moves updated by davehocum 4 months ago 7

As is, I find clearance cube to be more hassle than it is worth in most situations that I encounter, but with some improvements it could be a valuable tool.  I definitely prefer to use clearance planes, avoidance moves, move points, etc. over clearance cube.  I understand it was created as a way to automate the programming process but it may be able to improve the manual programming process.

I've outlined some areas where I think this could be improved:

  1. Make clearance cube smart enough to be able to adjust the status for each feature if a clearance plane is not needed.  It is very time consuming to have to go in and click through all the menu items to adjust the active, start, and end status definition for each feature to get an efficient program.  This adds quite a bit of time to the process, especially if there are a lot of features to adjust.
  2. Make it easier and quicker to adjust settings on the fly.  Maybe a dock-able window that shows all the clearance cube settings for any specific feature that you can have visible at all times. 
  3. Add clearance cube settings to the auto feature dialogue.
  4. Make clearance cube settings editable within features in the edit window.


Clearance zone

Josh Jacobsen 2 years ago in Moves updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

Clearance zone that follows the contour of CAD model. Ability to block an axis to infinity to prevent probe crashes. 


Add move/clearcube (Even within auto features and scans.)

Derek 1 year ago in Moves 0

In the older versions of PC-DMIS; prior to clearance cube, when using clearance plane you could simply type "move/clearplane" within a non auto feature and if would clear the plane and stay there until it was time to take the next hit. Clearance cube is a superior tool in most regards but I have to add move/points when ever I want to deviate from the path. I would like to have the same kind of thing with the cube; It would be very helpful to have the ability to clear the cube when ever I see fit. Even within auto features and scans. Please ask if you would like me to better clarify.


I want PCDMIS to create perfect paths with no collisions always

Ken Woodbine 2 years ago in Moves updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

Avoidance Moves Clearance Cube

Valentin Tarba 2 years ago in Moves updated by Derek 2 years ago 1

We can change the movements for Clearance Cube to UseTipVector or Axis but a more useful tool can be UseFeatureVector ( the movements to clearance cube to use the feature vector and to activate from F5. Avoidance moves does the same thing but it will be useful in clearance cube motions).What do you think?


Offline Programming: Joystick Mode

John Riggins 3 years ago in Moves updated 3 years ago 0

While programming offline it would be convenient if we could move the probe as if it were online and using the jogbox/joystick. This would be helpful in creating move-points. 

The probe would be moved by using the arrow keys just as if one was moving the probe with the jogbox.

Arrow keys = forward/backward, right/left. 

Mouse wheel = up/down.


Expand Optimize Path to Work with Clearance Planes

Matthew 3 months ago in Moves updated 3 months ago 4

As of version 2019, the legacy Optimize Path tool has been removed, and the new Optimize Path (formerly "Preview" as opposed to "Legacy") chokes on MOVE/CLEARPLANE commands. Since clearplane moves can be controlled in the Edit window they are much more versatile than the clearance cube, and for flat parts they are much more efficient than Auto Insert Moves. It should not be hard to make the Optimize Path tool work with clearance planes - please do so!


Bring back the old "move to point"

Luca V. 1 year ago in Moves updated by SalihaGungor 1 year ago 1

In offline mode, the "Move to point" function automatically moves the probe to the coordinates (x=0, y=0, z=0).

This makes it impossible to use the "Read position" option that was previously very useful when in need to read the position of the probe after having measured an element. 

I hope I've been clear enough, my english skills are not the greatest.


Automatical Probe Rotation in Program

MWZ 2 years ago in Moves updated by Dave Drew 2 years ago 1

When I want to insert with pattern, PCDMIS said I had to control the probe rotation.

Is it not possible, that PCDMIS do the probe rotation automatically?

In earlier versions it was possible to do this automatically but in 2018 not any more.

For offline programming it would be much easier.