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Changing the measuring system with senmation in pcdmis

Hans Jürgen Bahr 5 months ago in Hardware Interface 0

We would like to have implied the change of the measuring systems in the Senmation in the PCDMIS. We want to control senmation from PCDMIS. We want to be able to use the functions of Senmation from PCDMIS.

PS: Currently is the changing of the measurment Systems (for instance LSP-X1/ X5 or others ) in senmation only with the so called "Technology Server" possible. This will do the programming complicating. 


Split Cad and Vision Tab

Kyle Brummans 8 months ago in Hardware Interface 0

Very often switching between CAD & Vision tab.  Would be nice to be able to separate these and view both.


laser scanning from Nikon, LC15Dx

THAO HUYNH 1 year ago in Hardware Interface 0

it would to run this laser scanner on PC-DMIS. it would be great that PC-DMIS can support wider range of metrology equipments.



THAO HUYNH 1 year ago in Hardware Interface 0

it seems that many CMM software supporting 5 AXIS CMM HEAD for example PH20 from Renishaw. it would be nice that PH20 can run on PC-DMIS. 


Setup Options

Grzegorz 1 year ago in Hardware Interface 0

Save settings as the default settings for different CMMs.

Possibility of calling the default settings at the beginning of the measurement program (One measurement program for different machines)


optional probing sets

Bill Kulpa 1 year ago in Hardware Interface 0

I'd like to be able to make sets of optional probing settings for different probe heads. Or have a drop down selection with the basic setting for different probe heads.

We have 3 different scanning probe systems and I'd like to be able to enter the basic setting offline easily.


Separate Clearance Cubes = More efficient probe travel times.

Derek 2 years ago in Hardware Interface updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 3

When I import my 1-2-3 blocks for fixturing or whatever I bring in, I would like each of them to be able to have their own clearance cube instead of having to have a large cube encompassing the whole set up.  Sometimes with larger fixtures it would definitely speed things up if the probe didn't think it had to move so far away from my part just because the constraints of the CC are limited to the overall size of my imported fixturing.  And why stop there, also make it where if I don't have a fixture model I can manually set up a cube just for that single fixture piece as well.


Probe Shank alarm

Gene 2 years ago in Hardware Interface updated by 8:00a, 1 year ago 0

For metal parts while using metal Probe shanks.

Create an alarm that tells the programmer and/or operator that the probe has shanked out.

A simple conductivity sensor would make this work on existing CMMs and new CMMs.


Turn off machine servos function

Al Metzel 3 years ago in Hardware Interface updated 3 years ago 0

 A function to allow the program to turn off the machine servos would be very useful as operators often forget to do so when exiting an inspection program. This was an option in MeasureMax.


Add lights to the probe head.

cbud619 3 years ago in Hardware Interface updated by Gábor Tóth 1 year ago 4