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"Manual" Alignment of Pointcloud

darius 4 months ago in Pointcloud 0

It would be nice to have the opportunity to manually (by using mouse) align pointcloud to cad model, or one pointcloud to other pointcloud and from here make eventualy refine alignment. Idea is to put  with mouse COP on CAD or other COP to lock this on specific area.Thanks to this it would be easier to align only partly scanned surfaces. Today even if I using point pairs sometimes alignment is moving far away from expected place. Actual functionality is working good only if whole part is scanned allround.


Calculation and representation of a trimline from the point cloud (Sheetmetal).

ThoBi 8 months ago in Pointcloud 0

2019-05-28 12_21_34-7337543_AD_LI_RADHAUS_A....png
2019-05-28 12_21_22-7337543_AD_LI_RADHAUS_A....png
2019-05-28 12_20_14-.png

In other Measuring Software you can show the trimline of sheet metal work pieces, like Pcdmis do it in cross section and line profile. But it is not possible to use for trimlines, because of the high deviation or the contour of the trimline. It would be nice, if it worked like the cross section.


Add select tool inside auto feature dialog box when extracting features from pointcloud without CAD file

Barny Hiller 3 years ago in Pointcloud updated by ute.burton 2 years ago 1

When extracting 3D features such as cylinders, cones and other features of size without CAD model, select tool would be great addition to PCDIMS. Also extracting and exporting 2D splines from pointcloud to different file types to make tool path definitions from the scan.


​Min / Max point on colormap

dan.brokstad 3 years ago in Pointcloud updated 3 years ago 2

Min / Max point on colormap is not representative to surface.
This point will "nearly" always be on the surface edge!
And this value is used when you evaluate Profile surface dimension.
If you take a look at pictures below and special on the colormap / colormap scale. 99 percent of this surface is green and orange. The Profile surface dimension value should be around 0.5 but it is 0.756 (ASME).
This because of what I believe error from the scanner.
Different ways to solve this could be:
Let the Min / Max be on a colormap "area" and not as a point.
Or an outlier filter...


New Pointcloud window with CAD Controls

dan.brokstad 3 years ago in Pointcloud 0

Ability to scan only select/selected CAD Surface with tolerance (Max distance).
New window :-)


Thickness colormap

Scott Staral @ WAFCO 3 months ago in Pointcloud 0

Wall Thikness Colormap.jpg

The attached JPG depicts a nominal wall thickness of 7 +/- 1.   This particular customer doesn't care about anything within 70% of the nominal.  This is why +0.8 and -0.8 of the tolerance is in green.     Part of their spec requires a seperate wall thickness evaluation.

I believe that this color map was done with Polyworks.  I have tried to duplicate this using the new Thickness colormap, but can not achieve this same type of result.

The closest I get to this type of scale is using the compare to CAD, but then my resulting color map looks more like a point color map then a surface colormap.  

It would be great if PC DMIS could duplicate this type of color map.



Gábor Tóth 2 years ago in Pointcloud updated 2 years ago 3

It would be nice if we can handle STL by surface mesh. Pointcloud is not usable...

Some youtube demo about pointcloud operation is also much better to help to our work.

Practical trick and tip etc...


coppcolormap screen update

remo.tespenke 3 years ago in Pointcloud 0

it would be nice to have the ability to update the screen after an best fit. now i have to remake the coppcolormap to see the new deviations. what i'm whishing for is the posibility to jump around in the program with different alignments and see directly the chanche of deviation live on the screen.


Change marker size

dan.brokstad 3 years ago in Pointcloud updated by ute.burton 3 years ago 1

Ability to change the marker size to bigger when you click on the point cloud (Point Cloud Alignment). Often you click straight through the cloud then you select points.

See this two points, they are clicked very close and one is going thru the top surface on my cloud.
Of course I know the alt- buttom ;-)