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Move to toolchanger mout point

Benjamin 3 months ago in Toolchanger updated 2 months ago 2

The move to the toolchanger mount point should be seperated by the axis like the clearance point

(e.g. Z first, then XY)


Motorized probe magazine

Bill Kulpa 4 months ago in Toolchanger updated by Al Metzel 4 months ago 3

Develop a motorized probe magazine much like every machining center has.

That way it could be mounted in the dead space at the end of the Y axis of most machines.

When a probe change is needed PC-DMIS would move the machine to a predetermined point for that port, the port would extend to the Z rail and unload or load a new probe. This would allow better use of the measuring envelop and enable use of that dead space at the end of the machine.


Animated probe changer

damonh 2 years ago in Toolchanger 0

since the animated machines are included with the pcdmis software, shouldnt the animated probe changer be included as well? Apparently this is a paid addon currently, but would be handy for offline path movement and collision detection.