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Break a scan into multiple elements

Jay Flint 3 years ago in Scans updated by dave amstutz (djams) 3 years ago 5

We would like the ability to break a scan into multiple elements that may have different tolerances or requirements for each.


Allow Max & Min Index of Polar Radius from a scanned feature

Ben Fisher 3 years ago in Scans updated by neil.kay 3 years ago 1

When finding a high point of a linear feature it's possible to use the Maxindex assignment relative to a specific axis. For example "maxindex(scan.x)". This will return the max value in X for that scan.

When scanning radial features and finding a max Polar Radius, one would expect to use "maxindex(scan.PR)" to return the max value for PR in that scan. Thus giving a high point of a radius for example.

This command doesn't work with polar radius.


I would like to calculate the area focus and the area of scans

Hans Brunner GmbH 4 days ago in Scans updated by anders.isaksson 3 days ago 2

We have irregular contours (turtle, Easter eggs, seahorses) and need the area and their from closed scans.

Our competitors are already working with this for a long time.


Include CurveAnalyzer into PC-DMIS!

Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 2 years ago in Scans updated 2 years ago 0

Holy hexagon, Batman!

Has the PC-DMIS marketing/sales department completely missed this application?

I would LOVE to have the functionality of CurveAnalyzer in PC-DMIS, adding tracer/contour functions to my scans and being able to measure within/on the scans...

...and why is it not being marketed harder? If it works as expected (and as how I think it works) it is a given inclusion in the CAD++ package.

Check it out:



Update scan surfaces to new model

David Courtney 2 years ago in Scans updated 2 years ago 1

I want an easy way to be able to bring in a new model and tell PC-DMIS to equate the surface relation of previously created scans to the new model without having to go through each scan and deselect and reselect surfaces.  For example, a model revision.  


Using the Adaptive Scan Strategy to improve scanning speed!

Montage Zhang 3 years ago in Scans updated by Sudhanshu Trivedi 3 years ago 1


Toolbar icons for scans

Mike Rose 3 years ago in Scans 0

Why don't we have toolbar icons for scans?


Surface scan following the curve on the surface

Mitja Smrekar 3 years ago in Scans updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 4

I would like the option to scan the surface following an irregular, or made up of geometric shapes curve (red) that is on that surface all the way around (sample on the picture)


Quick Scan-Patch or Perimeter

Timmy Cronin 2 years ago in Scans updated 2 years ago 0

It would be nice to be able to hold down shift & Control. Click on a free form cad feature(s) then click a second point and third point then it draws a box between the three. Then asks if you want a perimeter or patch.


Ability to detect the extreme outer surface for Nominal Point Creation

Bryan 3 years ago in Scans 0

Ability to detect the extreme outer surface along surface vector for Nominal Point Creation when assy has multiple overlay surfaces in order to build nominals for section slices as found in Blade Nominal File creattion.