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PMI/MDB/GD&T for Native Autodesk Inventor CAD FILES in PC-DMIS

Valentin Tarba 6 months ago in CAD updated by neil.kay 3 months ago 6

Adding the functionality of AUTODESK INVENTOR CAD files to generate de program in PC-DMIS using PMI/MDB/GD&T like CAD files from CATIA


Option to load CAD file based on user input

Chris 10 months ago in CAD updated by davehocum 10 months ago 9

Add the ability for users to code in an import CAD file based on variables.  IE:

What part are you running?  -2

if c1.input == "-2"

import, igs, "c:\models\ 123-2.igs"


something to that effect, for when there are a family of parts with minor changes in the part and you want to write a single program to run all parts in the family, but want the correct CAD file to show, as to not confuse the operator when the incorrect part is showing on the screen.


CAD things develop

Gábor Tóth 2 years ago in CAD updated by neil.kay 4 months ago 24

It would be great if I click on CAD part model than is marked(highlighted) in CAD assembly tree too and reverse: If I click on one item in CAD assembly that will be show in CAD window by other color.

Additionaly the marked CAD item can be hide by "I" ( invisible) button, visible again by "V" and "E" exlusive visible only just this item... ( It work an another software and would be great if here will be works similar :-) )

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HxGN Live Idea Center Session Idea - Drag and Drop CAD Import

KAY Neil 2 years ago in CAD updated by Gábor Tóth 4 months ago 12

Suggestion from the Live Idea Center Session at HxGN Live

Add the ability to drag and drop any CAD file into the Graphics Display with "automagic" import.


ability to resize trihedron to make it BIGGER

kevin.watters 3 years ago in CAD updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 2

trihedron can get too hard to see many time. should have the ability ot make it bigger (without making the graphics font bigger!)


Bring back Ctrl + Left click to select feature on 2017 R2

Jonny 3 years ago in CAD updated by Mitja Smrekar 3 years ago 2

In 2017 R2 the ability to press Ctrl + Left click to select a feature has been removed. now you have to go the longer way of right clicking and navigating to the 'move to' option.

bring it back !


Create an actual model from a point cloud

Kirbster269 3 years ago in CAD updated by neil.kay 3 years ago 1

I would like actually create surfaces based on a point cloud


Create point map from profile hits in CAD window

cdsuttles 1 year ago in CAD 0

Give the ability to create a point map from the CAD window showing the location of the Hit # from the profile dimension. My customers have a multiple surfaces with one profile call out so it makes it difficult to understand the surface without seeing where the hits are taken on the model.