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Graphic visualization of angle and distance definition

Vaclav Tichacek 7 months ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated 7 months ago 2


as a programmer I would like to graphically visualize the angle or distance that will be evaluated

as it works in other software, such as Polyworks, Quartis etc.

See attached video.




ISO 1101 Profile dimension with unequal tolerance zone

daniel.schroepfer 2 years ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated by Josti 3 months ago 9

Our customers asking  for the possibility to use unequal
tolerance zone in surface and line profile dimensions referring to ISO
1101. This modifier is still missing in 2018 R2. Please remember that
the calculation of the tolerance values is different in ISO compared to


Remove default checkbox from location dimension window, or make it an optional choice.

jmannes 3 years ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated by Trevor McLaughlin 2 years ago 10

Under INSERT|DIMENSION|LOCATION the checkbox for "Auto" is the default and there is no way to change it. That is the most annoying checkbox in the world. Seldom do I want to dimension numerous axis' at the same time. If I do, I can choose them on my own without having PC_DMIS "help" me.


General Tolerances ISO 2768, DIN 1688, DIN16742, DIN 16901

We have requests from customers that are asking us about different ISO standards : ISO 2768, DIN 16742, ISO 286-1 or DIN 16901. The most common standard which we are finding in technical drawings is ISO 2768. 


Add MAX/MIN to the dimension/evaluation dialogs (instead of having them in settings)

Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 3 years ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated by dave amstutz (djams) 3 years ago 3

Just like the header says, I'd prefer to be able to have the option for max/min result for an evaluation in the actual evaluation dialog, instead of having it under settings. Keeping it under settings is not very intuitive and has a far more userfriendly home in the evaluation/location/dimension dialogs.


Report concave/convex condition of planes

James Temmen 2 years ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

ability to evaluate if a plane is either concave or convex. 


Provide tolerance zone visualization

Kesumm 2 years ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

Show tolerance zone visualization with DRF animation of GDT constraints


Datum definition allow multiple characters

Valentin Tarba 3 years ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated by neil.kay 9 months ago 13

Allow to add multiple characters on a datum definition not only 2.