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side by side program view

Kevin Watters 2 years ago in Editor 0

enable putting two program windows side by side so you can compare code and copy/paste between them.


Protected measuring routines

frank.herr 2 years ago in Editor updated by davehocum 6 months ago 20

We need a possibility that an user can only open the measuring routine (.PRG) for execution. User in that case means also an operator with full PC-DMIS access and administrator privileges.

Here is the story:

  • Customer  has 2 Leica trackers from us with PCDMIS.
  • Customer constructs big machines for producing car tires. At several moments they measure the setup from their machine with the tracker. Works all fine.
  • Next step: if they sell a VMI machine to a customer they think about also selling a Leica Tracker with PC-DMIS as a kind of measuring tool for their customers.
  • They create the .PRG, and want that the routine can only be run in Operator Mode. Reason: they do not want that their customers can edit the original .PRG
  • Note: the protected mode in PC-DMIS is not an option.

Another example is the ISO acceptance routines. We have to make sure that they can't be changed.


Allow Filtered Simplified command mode view

neil.kay 1 year ago in Editor 0

Command mode, exposing all parameters, can result in very lengthy routines, but it is fast to make edits. Summary mode was intended as a simplified view, but is seen as too slow to traverse into the tree to find the parameter to make edits. This is especially true when a lot of values are changing.

It has been requested (by a customer - I'm filing this on their behalf) that having a button on command mode - to only show important parameters by default (XYZ, IJK) - so each command is only a couple of lines long. To see all parameters, you would click the button, in order to see all the parameters (as now).

It is possible that such an enhancement could also include adding the icons you get in Summary Mode - to help commands stand out.

We're interested to see how many votes this idea would attract.


Add formulas to all Text boxes (with Assignments)

JVP 3 years ago in Editor updated 3 years ago 2

Make X/Y/Z/I/J/K/Dia/etc have the ability to accept and recognize formulas (and variables/Assignments). After entering the formula it should stay active/visible for easy editing in the future.


hotkey for find and replace

louisd 3 years ago in Editor updated by strivedi2011 3 years ago 3

ALT+F3 is the find Hotkey, how about a hotkey for Find and Replace?


Make it possible to re-enumerate feature numbers after program is written/edited.

hellcatrydr 3 years ago in Editor 0

Your program is finished but some points or features were added and their out of numerical order.

A Re-number feature would put them all in ascending order.


Show pdf file location in print command

Kingsld1 2 months ago in Editor 0

Printer PDF file location is hidden in editor window.  File saving locations should be highly visible.


Command Mode - Dynamic Zoom with <CTRL> + Mouse Scroll

mike 4 months ago in Editor updated 4 months ago 0

Command mode has visual challenges. Small text (fonts), while difficult to see, is good for seeing the whole program - especially features with long widths across. Large text (fonts) is good for detail and visibility, but the field of view gets cropped.

Changing fonts by pressing F6, then clicking "Edit Window", and THEN selecting the font size, is archaic.

A huge improvement would be if Command Mode allowed Dynamic Zoom (or Font Scaling) using <CTRL> + Mouse Scroll. Examples of this are available in Visual Studio's editor, MS Word, and Notepad++.

Note the attached MP4 of Visual Studio scrolling in and out of code details.

Visual Studio, Dynamic Zoom


Field Editor

Kyle Brummans 5 months ago in Editor 0

Command Mode

Summary Mode
Dmis Mode

New Mode - Field Editor Mode (or Filter mode?)

Basically it's command mode - except you can filter what it shows:


Example - Avoidance moves only (probe)

Example - light settings only (vision)

Example - Measure Now/Remeasure

Example - Relative Too

It would also be nice, that if you are in this mode PCDMIS would see that you are not changing anything relevant to an alignment - and thus the prompts would act accordingly.


Allow full path to be set in EXCELFORMREPORT

Ben Capuana 6 months ago in Editor 0

Currently EXCELFORMREPORT does not allow you to set the whole path, only the directory where the files go. It would be convenient to set the full path, similar to how the print command works. 

We read in the full path of the report name from a file because we often have reports that need to relate to each other so the initial part of the name needs to be the same