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PCDMIS Settings copy from public

romeo.matkovic 5 months ago in Install updated by Kyle Brummans 5 months ago 1

Will be useful to have automatic procedure when we install new pcdmis release when installation procedure finish to ask if you want to copy settings or not from previous version. For example we use our own reporting and QDAS settings and always I need to copy - paste all folders from public from previous version to new.

When we install new SP we need to be careful because new installation overwrite old settings with default.


Settings migration

Mitja Smrekar 2 months ago in Install 0

Add option to migrate all the settings (customs toolbars, color settings…) when new major (2019 to 2020) version is released.


Stop Universal Updater offering pre-release builds

Mitja Smrekar 11 months ago in Install updated by neil.kay 9 months ago 6

Universal Updater offers me Pre-Release versions of PC-DMIS 2019 R1. I do not want them! Make an option in Universal Updater to enable or disable pre-release notifications for updates. I only want to install final releases



Oscar R 1 year ago in Install updated by V.Maglov 1 year ago 1

how to added probes that they are not in the probe prescription.


Service Pack number shown in the title bar

Trevor McLaughlin 1 year ago in Install 0

I'd like the title bar to show the service pack number of the currently installed version. This would be useful for us Support guys.


Individual user accounts

Shane 2 years ago in Install updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

Different user settings and GUI setup would not be changed by other users.



Gábor Tóth 3 years ago in Install updated 2 years ago 2

If we add new material in 2017 R1 SP2 and install SP3 all added material lost :-(


Offer an option in the installer for Language Pack installation

Alex 3 years ago in Install 0

It often happens, that the user forgets or omits to install the Language Pack. The local AE’s told me that it will be helpful if during the installation (probably last step) the installer requests to indicate the location of the Language Pack (you should allow to skip, but at least the user is warned that the language pack has not been installed).