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Under review

Simulated run time of CMM

Rfingham72 2 years ago in Execute updated by Eric 3 months ago 3

ability to estimate quickly the run time off cmm.

For resources planning and system usage 


Send an email alert...

Paul Hewitson 2 years ago in Execute updated by neil.kay 3 months ago 3

As of yesterday, I'm now programming in an office at the opposite end of the factory to the CMM.

The operator isn't always at the CMM especially if it is a long program.

Could PC-DMIS be set to send an email out to specified users when:

1)  the program stops when the probe crashes

2)  the probe needs manually removing/inserting

3)  the program reaches the end


Actual value data point - file saving

Sonny Setyawidjaya 2 years ago in Execute updated by anders.isaksson 2 years ago 2

Need to retain the actual data points on every measurement piece, after finishing the CNC run. This actual point data per piece will be useful for re-evaluate the dimension without actual part needed.


Multiple part reporting

Trevor McLaughlin 2 years ago in Execute updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

I'd like to be able to report multiple runs of a part within pcdmis. 


Use pop up window for feature calculation errors

mark_hastings 2 years ago in Execute updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

Start program dialog

romeo.matkovic 3 years ago in Execute updated by strivedi2011 3 years ago 2

PCDMIS should have some customisable deafult run program dialog. For general data inputing before measurment starts, like Operator, machine, sample number, reason for measurtment, etc.

Those dialog shoud be changeable with some Scripting editor or throu some ini file.


Execution Progress Bar with Iterative Alignments

davehocum 1 year ago in Execute 0

The Execution Progress Bar with Iterative Alignments will be set to 100 percent when PC-DMIS begins the DCC re-execution from the provide start label. Tested using Measure All Always setting in the Iterative Alignment dialog box (Insert | Alignment | New | Iterative button). When using Inspect the progress indicator percentage within the Measure screen will also show 100 percent at the start of the re-measure of the Iterative Alignment features.


mini routine with Inspect

Brodsgaard 2 years ago in Execute 0

Today we are using Mark Set Views to run our program through PC-DMIS Operator mode, but we might in the future whant to use Inspect to run our programs for operators, so they with a mistake change some of the codes within pc dmis. but today we have 2-3 icons in mark set views to run different line of codes in pc dmis, so therefor it could be nice to have the option to run mini routines from inspect. or just some lines of the program.


Toggle button to allow work in a different program "E-mail, Excel, Word..."

Gene 2 years ago in Execute 0

Currently if you want to use any program while PC DMIS is running you take the chance of sending PC DMIS on it way simply by typing into , say even a e-mail.

Add a toggle switch that would stop PC DMIS from just continuing on without truly knowing that what is being typed is truly intended for PC DMIS.

Or just have PC DMIS recognize that another program in running and not just take keystrokes that are intended for another Program and use them in PC DMIS.


Status window

Wolle 3 years ago in Execute updated by neil.kay 3 years ago 5

For editing complex programs would be a Status window of currently active parameters such as approach path, return path, movement speed and Status Flymodi,  useful