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When Machine shuts off Unexpectedly - Add a Save feature (In case Machine can't be restarted)

AlexFare 3 months ago updated by Matt 2 months ago 1

When Machine shuts off, Currently you get 2 options, 1: OK(If machine won't turn back on it'll keep popping error up) or 2: Exit. Please Add a 3rd option to Save


PCDLRN.exe closing (Exit) improvement.

davehocum 6 months ago 0

PCDLRN.exe closing issue is one of PC-DMIS most coming issue that never been completely solved. PC-DMIS is the only software that I have ever used that needed the Task manager to end the software at this level. How many years will it take Hexagon to completely fix this issue. If you use PC-DMIS, you will sooner than later get to know the Task Manager very well. 


Highlight (color) of a selected feature during feature set/dimension creation

WH Scott 3 months ago updated by neil.kay 3 months ago 3

This used to work in previous versions - individual features used to highlight when selected - for example - while creating a feature set or dimension and selecting a vector point in the graphics display widow the point selected would highlight (color change) - seems now the only way to make it highlight is by drawing a box around the point


Animation of a part program should be more realistic

frank.herr 6 months ago 0

We should improve PC-DMIS form a graphical animation of a mesurement routine to a kinematic simulation. Then we can also check execution times and we can see also different speeds betwenn a move and a measurment inside of a feature.


Add due date minders for SMA and CMM maintenance

Spring 4 months ago 0

Add a due date minder for SMA ,and add a due date minder for CMM maintenance. 

For example, PC-DMIS pop-ups a prompt to remind  the operators  that the  SMA will  expire in 3 months...

because this is closer correlated with  measuring application.



Neil 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 4

I would like to see help for other Hexagon software such as Cognitens Coreview, Teach for white light added to the "Other Hexagon Software" area of the site. We often require help and also have the knowledge to help others, this software seems to be overlooked due to the limited user base. I have requested this to Hexagon before with limited response.


How to rotate an program 90 deg

thomas.davis 7 months ago updated by Selahattin Akkaya 7 months ago 3

Hexagon Improve Software testing procedures

davehocum 1 year ago updated by Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 1 year ago 1

Hexagon Improve Software testing procedures to ensure that the software is ready for release. If you need any examples why you can find all the information on your user forums.


Access to log in remotely.

Brad 2 years ago updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

listing from the elements confusing

Marcel Raiser 2 years ago updated by neil.kay 1 year ago 1

the list from the elements are confusing, when you select this. Than you have this selection

1 / 11/ 12 / 13 / 2 / 21 / .....

That is a confusing and you need more the last elements when you will some measurements.