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Icon Color Option

davehocum 3 years ago in User Interface updated by Britt Kinney 8 months ago 21

SoildWorks added a Icon color option. The option is to be able to change the Icons color from Default to Classic. Maybe they could do this with PC-DMIS to have a Icon color option.

SOILDWORKS 2016 User Interface


Graphic visualization of angle and distance definition

Vaclav Tichacek 7 months ago in Dimensions / GD&T updated 7 months ago 2


as a programmer I would like to graphically visualize the angle or distance that will be evaluated

as it works in other software, such as Polyworks, Quartis etc.

See attached video.




3D in reporting

Zeljko 3 years ago in Report updated by davehocum 4 months ago 29

Option to make 3d PDF report, based on point-cloud measurements. Same as on image, but in PDF, or something else readable by users who don't have pcdmis.. Maybe export as step model with this measured values. It's much productive to look at measurements by engineers, and it's easier to create report (for complex models) instead of cad only option.


PMI/MDB/GD&T for Native Autodesk Inventor CAD FILES in PC-DMIS

Valentin Tarba 6 months ago in CAD updated by neil.kay 3 months ago 6

Adding the functionality of AUTODESK INVENTOR CAD files to generate de program in PC-DMIS using PMI/MDB/GD&T like CAD files from CATIA


Change from Online / Offline

dan.brokstad 3 years ago in Offline Programming updated by Kyle Brummans 11 months ago 6

A function / icon inside PC-Dmis to change from online / offline.

Let say you have more than one program running and you switch between them and want to do a test run program by program...


Probe Head rotation - collision avoidance into machine bridge legs

wayne.branton 3 years ago in Calibration updated by neil.kay 1 year ago 8

When calibrating a longer probe, have PCDmis automatically avoid colliding with the bridge support legs of the frame when indexing for the next angle. Although you can specify the order of calibration, it would be a nice feature to have the machine alarm or automatically avoid this collision in the first place.


Add an option for hitbased construction of features

Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 3 years ago in Constructed Features updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 18

Add a checkbox to construction dialogs allowing the user to select whether or not to construct the new feature based on hits (<featurename>.HIT[1..<featurename>.NUMHITS]) or the "regular" way (centroids). This would enhance the programming experience and shave off a couple of minutes to the programming time.


Changing the measuring system with senmation in pcdmis

Hans Jürgen Bahr 5 months ago in Hardware Interface 0

We would like to have implied the change of the measuring systems in the Senmation in the PCDMIS. We want to control senmation from PCDMIS. We want to be able to use the functions of Senmation from PCDMIS.

PS: Currently is the changing of the measurment Systems (for instance LSP-X1/ X5 or others ) in senmation only with the so called "Technology Server" possible. This will do the programming complicating. 


Move to toolchanger mout point

Benjamin 6 months ago in Toolchanger updated by Matthew 3 months ago 3

The move to the toolchanger mount point should be seperated by the axis like the clearance point

(e.g. Z first, then XY)


Add Option to Construct a Max/MIn Point From a Scan or Constructed curve

david.carter 1 year ago in Constructed Features updated by neil.kay 9 months ago 4

Need to add a construct Max/MIN Point option which can be either be Max Or Min point from an input scan or constructed curve. A lot of customers need to find the highest or lowest point from a scan and the current method of using the MAX or MININDEX to get the scan point number and then constructing a generic or cast point is tiresome. The user should be able to pick a scan or curve, select which axis (based on current alignment) either X or Y or Z and indeed Polar radial for 2D max/min or 3D Max/Min from the current origin.

For example to find the max polar value the user needs to know the syntax below, the software should do this for us.


This option could also be used for constructing a point from other features such as a plane to then report the XYZ location of the highest/lowest point on the plane or any other feature in fact. etc