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Reporting - add XYZ total difference

George Koskinas 1 week ago updated by richard.peterson 1 week ago 1

Make tubeshaper support more non-round geometries. (square/rectangle)

Christian Grindle 10 months ago updated by anthony.vianna 2 months ago 5

iso or asme Tangent point tolerance

michele.pastore 2 months ago 0

Change the company logo at the bottom of the report.

Hiroto Katsuragawa 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 2

Report .CSV

Fouquet Jérôme 3 months ago 0

End to end angle

guowei 4 months ago 0

Importation en masse des fichiers .TSP

Fabien 6 months ago 0


mbonilla 7 months ago updated by anthony.vianna 7 months ago 1

Preview window for CAD import

Liviu 8 months ago updated by Lasse Viinikainen 8 months ago 1