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When using an auto plane, we would like to see the option for start points and end points for the plane, as manipulating the points manually around other features can sometimes be difficult.

Like this Idea! I think it would also be benifisal to be able to have a single butten that would swap the start and end points around, so you can make your program run as efficiant as possible.

This should be made so you can specify location to location from start to end and as many points in between as possible instead of set intervals and lengths (which is useful in situations) but useless in others. This would also make it possible to use this feature for CAD and CADless routines.

Good Idea. There are a few other areas that good benefit from a manipulation of destination points like this. Scanning being one of them.

+1 !

Adding the direction for circular planes would be nice (CW or CCW).

It could allows to dimension a thickness hit to hit for example, without using to much assignments !

I believe you are talking about planes measured with touch method. Have you tried TTP Plane strategies in Auto Plane. We offer two strategies that perhaps satisfies the need requested.

TTP Free Form Plane: This strategy has Path definition tab. If you have CAD you can choose any path definition method. For example, in perimeter path - you an specify start point direction point and end point. After that you can generate large number of points and specify how many points you want from it or at what spacing you want points. If you do not have CAD, you can use teach method. You can teach path on machine by taking hits. THe path consists of line, arcs and circles. It will then generate hits on path. You can again select number of hits.

Similarly we offer TTP Plane circle strategy. In this strategy you can define start and end angles. It can work with or without CAD.

lease try out and let us know if it satisfies your needs.

Am I suppose to have that as an option? As you can see from my attachment, I only have the default strategy available. What should I do? (I'm running a TP20 probe on version 2016 if that helps)

Not sure what version this feature was introduce. But when using these type of Strategy features the limitation will be opening a program with a version of PC-DMIS that is unable to use this feature.

This was introduced in 2015.1. If you are running 2016 version of PCDMIS. If you are running 2016, you should see it. If you have TP20 probe, you will see 2 strategies - TTP Free FOrm Plane strategy and TTP Plane circle. YOu must be in DCC mode.. Most likely you are not in DCC mode.

Thank you for the Version info strivedi2011. Will make a note of it.

There should be a message window added stating that the Strategy Feature is only available in DCC Mode when selecting the drop down menu.

I should note here that in 2017 R1 which will be released soon, we have made change and are offering TTP strategy for planes even in Manual mode. A user can create auto plane and take manual hits.

Please let us know if this satisfies the need.

Thank you for the 2017R1 info