Improve clearance cube functionality

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As is, I find clearance cube to be more hassle than it is worth in most situations that I encounter, but with some improvements it could be a valuable tool.  I definitely prefer to use clearance planes, avoidance moves, move points, etc. over clearance cube.  I understand it was created as a way to automate the programming process but it may be able to improve the manual programming process.

I've outlined some areas where I think this could be improved:

  1. Make clearance cube smart enough to be able to adjust the status for each feature if a clearance plane is not needed.  It is very time consuming to have to go in and click through all the menu items to adjust the active, start, and end status definition for each feature to get an efficient program.  This adds quite a bit of time to the process, especially if there are a lot of features to adjust.
  2. Make it easier and quicker to adjust settings on the fly.  Maybe a dock-able window that shows all the clearance cube settings for any specific feature that you can have visible at all times. 
  3. Add clearance cube settings to the auto feature dialogue.
  4. Make clearance cube settings editable within features in the edit window.


Also, add a setting to override the probe wrist head control. Example: The ability to rotate the probe head within the Clearance Cube when using move points and avoidances Moves.


Here is an example of the Multi Avoidance Move and Clearance Cube Definition.

This is just an example.

PC-DMIS User Forum: Feature that PCDMIS lacks, but could be useful.

that example looks wonderful.  +1

Here is another Example of a Clearance Move Before and after feature from PolyWorks.


+1 for adjustable before and after!

Add the ability to ignore certain CAD elements when setting the size of the Clear Cube.  (After suitable warnings and threats to the programmer. )

For example,  I use fixture plates and standoffs for nearly all of my measurement routines.  The current Clear Cube will not let me make the Clear Cube size any smaller than my fixture plate.   If I could tell PC DMIS to ignore the X and Y sides of the Fixture plate then my program can run faster because it doesn't have to make 12 inch clearance moves.

It's been sometime without any major improvements to ClearanceCube. Another way to Resize the ClearanceCub is to override the CAD. The CAD Equals Part will have to be set first. Then you can resize the ClearanceCub.

Number 4 is an absolute must. I always use clearance planes because of this.

I have always wondered why CC is active for things that don't actually move the CMM, constructed features-COP's. This would be a nice change also.