Option to save measurement report both in txt and pdf

Roel 3 jaar geleden in Metrology Client Software / PC-DMIS bijgewerkt door neil.kay 11 maand geleden 2

When using the print command, I use PDF to display the results after each measurement to see if the part is oke and I use Excel to make statistics (with my own written software). I save each measurement in a new excel file so that if my colleague who measures makes a mistake he can delete the excel and measure again, maintaining the numbering (for people without computer experience this is easier than deleting an excel tab). For statistical analysis reading a lot of excel files goes very slow, so I'd like to generate txt files instead. However, saving both txt files and pdf files is not possible with PC-DMIS. Why?

I tried creating 2 print commands, one saving pdf and one saving txt. However, when I change one command, the other one changes as well. Pretty stupid.