Add the ability to resize report snapshots

Trevor McLaughlin 2 года назад в Metrology Client Software / PC-DMIS обновлен neil.kay 11 месяцев назад 4
The new Snapshot tool is great, but it would be even better if users could resize the image in the report window and even move it to a different page of the report.

Along with resizing, I want the ability to display in landscape mode instead of portrait. 

Hi @Kingsld, 

From 2019 R2, we had added the feasibility to display the snapshots in Landscape Mode in a Landscape Layout page. Please try out once! 

Don't have 2019 R2  installed since IT replaced my offline computer with a CAD level laptop.  I do have 2020 R1 installed but having difficulty with on line help displaying.   I don't see an obvious option to do landscape snapshots.   Closest thing I saw was a CAD only landscape report

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