Change from Online / Offline

dan.brokstad 4 år siden i Software / PC-DMIS opdateret af Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 6 måneder siden 7 1 dublet

A function / icon inside PC-Dmis to change from online / offline.

Let say you have more than one program running and you switch between them and want to do a test run program by program...

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This feature should have been added to the UI years ago.  

Good idea. I'd also like to see this get implemented.

Keep your fingers crossed...

This would be a powerful tool for support by Teamviewer. So you can stop the connection to controller and the cmm does'nt move! Perfect! Greetings from Germany! Stefan

This would be an amazing feature.  

This is also a very convenient way to 'reset' nominals in a program to verify changes etc.. It could be useful to have a button to 'execute offline'

Have visual feedback on screen to show which program has online status (maybe change the color of all title bars to green for online, red for offline?) whilst swapping between programs?

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