Offline viewer

ken 3 years ago in Software / Inspect updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 4

Is there an offline viewer available? Something that results can be reviewed?

It has some reporting capability. If PC-DMIS has been configured to produce PDF reports, then there is the ability to search for reports generated from a specific measurement routine, and view them. It also shows a summary of the dimensions in/out of tolerance. Does this meet the requirement?

What we are looking for is a watered down version where we can send our pcdmis files to a project manager. They can open the files and review results only, rotate the model, turn results on and off, but not the ability to modify anything. Currently we supply results on paper or electronically. With a viewer, project managers could review jobs much faster as they could see the exact location of points, zoom in and out and have a better idea of where points are taken.

Thanks for the info, Ken.


3D PDF reports with this capability are planned in PC-DMIS itself, so declining to add to Inspect.