Changing the vector approach on a Circle

jean-francois.manlay (jefman) 4 jaar geleden in Software / PC-DMIS bijgewerkt door neil.kay 2 maand geleden 4

It would be nice to add a 3d vector approach in auto circle, to measure circles on cone, sphere... without doing it by autovector points.

Thanks jean-francois. Don't forget to vote for your idea.

Circle on Cone is a constructed feature. Circle by definition is a 2D feature. Although there may be need to measure multiple vector points and construct circle out of comped points.

That's exactly what I would want avoiding !!!!!

A 2d feature could have a 3D vector without problem...

To what end Jeffman?  What's the application?

The problem with trying to directly measure such a circle, is as the part deviates from perfect the hits move off the specified target.

On a cone for example, if the location is out hits will be high on one side and low on the other.