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I want to be able to calibrate probes and assign probes to the probe change rack within the Inspect Interface. I want to be able to manage probe calibrations for each program so that when I click on a measurement routine a button becomes available to calibrate all probes and angles for the associated program. Then there would be an option to manage the probe rack if needed; to assign the specific probes in the routine to the probe rack slots if not already assigned.

I haven't tried it out with autocalibrate yet...maybe that is the way to go. But there still seems like there should be some probe options available to the operator.

I have tested the Auto calibration to calibrate the Probes in INSPECT. The issue is that INSPECT will not convert and move the PDF file to the Handle Files Folder. This could be that INSPECT doesn't recognize the calibration results in the PDF report. So, you will have to open the PDF file that PC-DMIS saves to view the calibration results. Or use Print Command to save the PDF file and set the Print Command settings to (AUTO OPEN REPORT = YES, OVERWRITE= "Your File Location"). Then for the Execution Report Setup settings to (OVERWRITE= "Your File Location").

Both Probe Calibration and Tool Changer management are on the roadmap for INSPECT.

Shorter term, we can look to improve the AutoCalibrate experience.

Thanks for the feedback, David.

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