Remembering past measurements

Mitja Smrekar 3 years ago in Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 4

Now PC-DMIS remembers only measurements made on the last part. A lot of time I need a complete data of part that was measured in past. It could be set to remember last xx measured parts. I know that Calypso has this feature.

I have a simple script which archives every program I execute . part I measure.

I can provide it to you if you want? Are you on the normal PC-Dmis forum?

Yes I am on PC-DMIS forum, look for "mitkos". How large is the archive? Does it archive program & CAD model? Size matters!

Just the .prg, if needed you can open it up and import the .CAD file from the original program.

Check the code section of the forum