Change the .PRG extension to something else...

anders.isaksson 3 года назад в Software / PC-DMIS обновлен neil.kay 2 месяца назад 3

Partly in jest, partly serious - as all antivirus softwares block the .PRG extension, it would be good if PC-DMIS used something else for its measuring routines (for example .PCD).

This is probably not a big problem for the ordinary user, but it is a great obstacle for us running Support, wasting a lot of time for both the customer and us just trying to get an MR sent.

...you'd think that a company that uses the .PRG extension to this extent would use a rule in the company firewall/AV to allow these... :P

That's not a smart solution, as the extension .PRG is used by multiple software products, some of them scripting languages, which definitely shouldn't come in a mail...

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