Compile a list of all probe configurations in a folder of programs

Jay Flint 3 years ago in Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 3

Create a tool to look through several programs in a folder and produce a list of all probe configurations used in any of the programs.

FYI: The tool would already have been created if they shared the PC-DMIS PRG file format, believe me.

(along with several other applications to extend your PC-DMIS experience)

What do you mean vpt? It's doable via automation as it stands.

What I mean is, that it would be so much faster to code an app that does this task outside automation. Parsing a root folder for PRG files and scan these (outside the PC-DMIS process) isn't that hard, but it becomes hard when we don't know what to look for (ie. how the PRG file format "works"). Sure, you could scan these files for certain string sequences, but we don't all name our probe files the same way (or even in the same language). If we knew what to look for within the PRG (ie. byte sequence for "LOAD PROBE") the compilation of the probefile list would be done in minutes.

Disclaimer: I just noticed that the heading says "probe CONFIGURATIONS" which probably means the entire probetree and then we would be looking at scanning the PRB-files. If that is the case (not looking for what probefiles are used in all programs), ignore the above.