Add scanner support

Daniel Hansen 3 years ago in Software / Inspect updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 4

I suggest to add support for scanner. The simplest way would be that when typing a part number (without the PRG extension) and the enter key, then the part program starts (simple HID support). If  the part program not exists, just a simpel text somewhere shows a error message so it is possible to scan (or enter the keyboard) again. No window to close before trying again.

It should be possible to scan direct after the INSPECT application has started.

Thanks Daniel. Are you talking about bar code or QR code scanning, or something else?

There are plans in this regard, although whether it will be the the in development version or the one after is not yet clear.

For now we use bar code (code 39 or 128, I'm not remember). Today we use an special application that takes input from keyboard (the scanner reads the bar code and sends the text to the computer as it was a keyboard) and start PC-Dmis. The bar code is the program name (but whitout the PRG extension) and the scanned program starts. When the measurement routine is finnished, PC-Dmis is closed (in reality PC-Dmis is waiting in the background because it need to start the routine fast).

We use this because we measure around 300 articles per 24 hour almost every day. To save time is very important.

Daniel, please don't forget to vote for your good idea. The more votes, the quicker we will get to it. Thanks