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Add IP point distances

sebastiaan.kuiper 2 år siden i Software / TubeShaper opdateret af neil.kay 2 måneder siden 2

Add an option to have a table in the report showing 3D distances between Intersection points.

IP1 > IP2

IP2 > IP3


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Hi Sebastiaan-
     Is this being used for tolerance purposes?  If so, the recommended way of tolerancing tubes is via tangent points, not intersection points.  Therefore, the team is reluctant to make it easier to tolerance with IP's.  You can, however, get a 3d distances using the distance dimension between IP's.

Hi Glenn,

Sebastiaan's request is quite frequent;

We always teach users to inspect the tube with tangent points, unfortunately, often, users are only subcontracters, and their customers request IPs instead of tangent points.

Sometimes, they define different tolérances on each IP smartly,, and they don't accept tangent points as inspection points.

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