Add new type of alignement RPS

Nicolas Pétré 2 years ago in Software / TubeShaper updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 4

From Anoflex Contitech France (and French CO - Laurent Francou):

Add a RPS alignment, using geometric features, all keeping the Tube coordinates.

today, geometric alignements without CAD cannot keep the tube coordinates according to drawings.

New demander : Faurecia France

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Hi Nicolas,

By using the best-fit you should be able to maintain an alignment, even with no CAD. An RPS alignment could be done, but it would add a LOT of complexity which we don't think is necessary. An RPS alignment is more for metrology applications, so we don't think it would add much benefit to our core customers.

I know this, but best-fit does not allways allow to respect the mandatory references.

We could at least be able to select for each point which of X, Y, and Z axis (or several) we wat to use.

RPS sometimes are used also on tubes.