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Need Square Tubing!!!!

Scott Martin 2 года назад в Software / TubeShaper обновлен anthony.vianna 4 месяца назад 3

Been begging for square tubes since TubeShaper came out.  I have many customers asking for this.

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Hi Scott- 

      We do have some customers currently using a tube probe to measure square tubing.  But, we haven't fully evaluated/quantified the accuracy issues associated with the measuring such tubes, and so it is not currently an officially supported procedure.  

     We are low on samples to use for such evaluation.  If you had any that you could get to us, that would be great.

        -The TubeShaper Team

We have some square and rectangle that we can send in support of this endeavor.  We really need tubeshaper to start measuring these geometries.  

This function has been added to TubeShaper v2, which is available now. We hope you like it!

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