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Modification of the Protocol Header / Customer Request

Holger 2 years ago in Software / TubeShaper updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 3

We need more Variables ind the Header of the Protokoll.

The Customers need to insert.

1. Customer

2. Part

3. Controller

4. Tube Material

5. Bender


7. ...etc.

Under review

Hi Holger - 
      The team is currently investigating this one:  TUBE-10924: "Introduce more fields into the report header"

      Thank you for the suggestion, 

             -The TubeShaper Team

I would like to add fields like "Designer", the person who worked on the part and perhaps "Instructions", since some parts require special attention or tools.

All this would of couse be accomplished with a "Comments" -section as well.

we have had a lot of feedback about this and so we will implement it as soon as we can. Here is our list of desired fields, but ideally, we think the user should be able to decide how they are named.

  • CAD model name
  • Operator
  • Customer (this might be who the tube is supplied to)
  • Project name?

What do you think?