SlideShow template creation - Allow for further customization of label (dimension controls)

Guillermo 2 years ago in Software / Inspect updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 3

SlideShow allows the user to grab any dimension from PCDMIS routine and annotate the slide with that element as a label control.  However, it does not offer or allow for enough customization like PCDMIS STI+ did.

For example, say a dimension location that has XYD is selected.  the control should allow user to only add D, or Y and D, etc.  Instead of all dimensions.  The label should allow us to specify applying color (Green, Yellow, Red) to percent of tolerance for any dimension.  This could be via a background color for the label.

Suggestion for leader lines.  Line color, End type Arrow or dot, relative to two features checkbox.  If the dimension label is for a distance or an angle for example, leader line (relative to two features) could be made to point to two areas on screen.

Example screen capture of two Location dimension attached.  It would be nice if user would see list at left showing available report axes and select the ones to show and use for label.  When evaluating Green,Yellow, Red, only that dimension axes would be evaluated. 

Adding more control over which values to report is planned in Inspect 4.1, as are some user experience improvements on Leader lines.