Custom Excel Reports

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Give PC-DMIS the ability to store measurement results that can be exported to a custom Excel template. I currently use InspectionXpert software for ballooning drawings and that software allows you to create a custom Excel template by choosing the information that you export in a secondary function of the software.

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Datapage is around $5K last time I looked.

This is being considered for INSPECT.

We have developed in Germany an app for thei issue called "PC-DMIS - Ergebnis Konverter". You can download the software and ask for a demo license:

The software supports different languages. The user manual is available in German and English.

Neil, I see you updated the status to "started" for this issue. Is this being considered for both Inspect and PC-DMIS, or Inspect only? There are many who would like to see this incorporated into PC-DMIS. 
PC-DMIS 2019 R1 will be introducing this.