Vision - Add Delayed Live view setting

Kyle Brummans 11 months ago in Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 3

Additional view settings such as adding a delay to measured vision features. 

Ex.  I measure a feature, then for a x.xx seconds (whatever I choose) the live view pauses accordingly to show the measured hits.  An additional toggle of accepted and unaccepted hits would also be nice.

Hi Kyle, Thanks for the suggestion. One quick question regarding the toggle for accepted / unaccepted. What actions would you want available based on this toggle?

☑ Delay view   (+Time Entry box) seconds

     ☑ Show Accepted hits 

     ☑ Show Rejected hits

Thanks for the quick response, as usual Neil!

To add onto this, it would be great to have a toggle to show Accepted and Rejected Hits on Image Capture.