Autosave/Automatically save a Measurement Routine at timed intervals. Reminder pop-up to save. Default on.

Chuck 11 months ago in Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil.kay 2 weeks ago 0

Believe this was a setting in PC-DMIS at one time.  If PC-DMIS 2019 R1 crashes unexpectedly while programming, any work not manually saved is lost.  Better would be a default AutoSave set as on, and when the reminder pops up the enter or return should commit the action/save it. There should be an option on the popup to change the timing to a different interval or turn to off. That way any change to a more careless/negative possibility is at the user's responsibility.  This is sort of like the automatic enrollment in a 401k plan begun with the Pension Protection Act, which has been hugely successful in permitting employees to accidentally save for the future vs accidentally not save for the future.  This is related to an existing Idea: 

Warning message reminder to save Program