Motorized probe magazine

Bill Kulpa 8 months ago in Hardware / Coordinate Measuring Machines updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 3

Develop a motorized probe magazine much like every machining center has.

That way it could be mounted in the dead space at the end of the Y axis of most machines.

When a probe change is needed PC-DMIS would move the machine to a predetermined point for that port, the port would extend to the Z rail and unload or load a new probe. This would allow better use of the measuring envelop and enable use of that dead space at the end of the machine.

I've seen a picture somewhere of a CMM where the stylii were stored on one of the bridge legs.  Think it may been for scanning probes.  "Shouldn't" be too difficult to adapt the idea for TP20's.    Maybe add an adapter that would hold a TP20 and a hole/ pin arrangement to orient and store the modules? Adapter would go between your indexing head and the TP20.    

I use the X3 C scanning probe on 575 Global machines mostly, and I often consume so much space on a production machine that I don't have room left for a changer. As I say, if I could use that additional wasted space in the back it would help. Just put the garage on a pneumatic cylinder with a bearing slide to bring it into the machine envelope just long enough for the change that would help me. And I think it would be a great marketing item for Hexagon!

I do not know if this concept would work for all varieties of probe changers, but I have thought that it would make sense to orient the probe rack so the probes are horizontal, and mount the rack to one end of the machine. In that position, very little, if any, of the machines working volume would be compromised.