Circle Line Intersection improvement

Kyle Brummans 3 weeks ago in Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 1

Introduce a toggle command that will:

Allow a circle to mathematically grow until an intersection occurs inside of the intersection command. 

Allow a threshold limit to be applied.

What this fixes/allows:

For example my circle is obviously tangent to a line.  The 3 points i utilized for my circle were erroneous and my circle calculated a few microns smaller than actual due to form error.  The circle is still obviously touching the line.   In this scenario I could allow a threshold of .05mm to control my form error - PcDmis calculates the size needed to intersect the line and TEMPORARILY applies that size in the intersection command.  Allowing me to reliably program certain edge cases with out a nuisance stop.

While waiting for the enhancement, you can always do:

- construct line perpto your line, through the circle center

- intersect your original line with this new line

This will give your expected result (but I guess you already know that...).