Have the ability to change the program from English to Metric, not just the reporting

bman 3 years ago in Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil.kay 6 days ago 6 1 duplicate

A button that would convert the programming code from English to Metric or vice versa. If it can be done in the reporting, why can't it be done for the program itself?

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This would be one of those things that would be nice to have but how often do you really have the need?

I had this need just the other week, but it was the first time in many years.

I would echo Jons comment, I'm curious how often this situation arises and so how much this would be used.

I like this Idea but would like to add to it. I think they need a redesign for the starting screen.  Large button options for both IN or MM as well as for Online and Offline!!!! Or even separate popup screens that happen before the routines open. I think it would also be great if at least they didn't give you a much bolder obvious option then you could switch from online to offline within the routine as well.

Depends. Shop floor is almost exclusively in inches (English). Probably about 60% of prints inbound (even new designs) are in metric, balance is in inches. To our customers, we want to share results in whatever native unit the print indicates, but on the floor we need inches to report results for the internal customers.

I would also add angle conversion too

Right now I have to have Programming templates for each units and different versions. So, I usually have about four PC-DMIS version templates in inches and four more in metric. So, this feature would reduce the number of templates in half that I will have to maintain.

Most CAD software’s have this capability so why PC-DMIS never did has always made me ask why.