Changing the vector approach on a Circle

jean-francois.manlay (jefman) 4 года назад в Metrology Client Software / PC-DMIS обновлен Aaron Baldauf 7 месяцев назад 5

It would be nice to add a 3d vector approach in auto circle, to measure circles on cone, sphere... without doing it by autovector points.

Thanks jean-francois. Don't forget to vote for your idea.

Circle on Cone is a constructed feature. Circle by definition is a 2D feature. Although there may be need to measure multiple vector points and construct circle out of comped points.

That's exactly what I would want avoiding !!!!!

A 2d feature could have a 3D vector without problem...

To what end Jeffman?  What's the application?

The problem with trying to directly measure such a circle, is as the part deviates from perfect the hits move off the specified target.

On a cone for example, if the location is out hits will be high on one side and low on the other.

I would also like this feature.

We need to measure the roundness on certain hights or cirtain diameters of the cone.

This is not possible with a constructed circle.

For now I calculate the circle inputs with trigonometry so the probe hits where it should. (see attached picture)

The problem is, when someone changes the tip diameter it isn't correct anymore.

Ofc its absolutely clear I first have to align to the cone but this is true with every feature also circles on cylinders.

So i don't see why it would be a problem here.

According to some coworkers who worked with calypso this is possible there.

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