Window Menu shortcuts

jweaver 11 месяцев назад в Software / PC-DMIS обновлен neil.kay 2 месяца назад 0

I, like others, use shortcut keys to save time while using PC-DMIS and other programs.  When I have multiple programs open in PC-DMIS I would greatly prefer to be able to edit them side by side, but that is not possible currently.  When I open the Window menu with Alt+W to switch from one program to the next, the current open program has a shortcut key of 1 and the second has a shortcut of 2.  This is fine, except the report window and graphic display window also have shortcuts of 1 and 2 (see attached image, filenames have been cut out).  My suggestion is simple.  Change the Graphic Display Window shortcut to G, the Report window to R, etc.

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