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Albert 7 months ago in Hardware / Coordinate Measuring Machines updated by Neil Challinor 3 months ago 2

I would like to have the control to have the same functions of the jog box on my computer screen so that if I get a crash and I'm nowhere near the CMM I can remote onto the computer move the probe away from the crash, edit my program and continue it. This would also be great for those of us that have large CMM's so that we don't need to go to the opposite end of the machine to grab the jog box just to move a probe a few thousandths away from the part.

Under review

Add lights to the probe head.

cbud619 4 years ago in Hardware / Coordinate Measuring Machines updated by neil.kay 7 months ago 5
Under review

Jog Box

John Demaray 2 years ago in Hardware / Coordinate Measuring Machines updated by Selahattin Akkaya 7 months ago 3

CMMs need the option to have wireless jog boxes. I trip over the cord all the time and wheel over it with my chair.


Step by step activation of angles


It would be usefull for adjusting new programs if there would be a feature where I as a programer could click on icon and after that all angles in program wount execute until I press on joystick of 3D CMM ok. Different explanation. If I have for example 10 angles in program. I would click on icon in toolbar or press some keyboard shortcut and every angle would need step by step confirmation with joystick or also with some shortcut. 



This function would be great to have the ability to find  the perfect angle for difficult and complex orientations. being able to control the A-Axis & B-Axis with the jog box would eliminate the need to always rely on the Auto Wrist function or to select from the grid  until you finally choose the correct angle.

Under review


Neil 1 year ago in Hardware / Robotic Measuring Systems updated by neil.kay 8 months ago 5

I would like to see help for other Hexagon software such as Cognitens Coreview, Teach for white light added to the "Other Hexagon Software" area of the site. We often require help and also have the knowledge to help others, this software seems to be overlooked due to the limited user base. I have requested this to Hexagon before with limited response.


laser scanning from Nikon, LC15Dx

THAO HUYNH 2 years ago in Hardware / 3D Surface Scanners updated by neil.kay 7 months ago 0

it would to run this laser scanner on PC-DMIS. it would be great that PC-DMIS can support wider range of metrology equipments.



THAO HUYNH 2 years ago in Hardware / Coordinate Measuring Machines updated by neil.kay 7 months ago 0

it seems that many CMM software supporting 5 AXIS CMM HEAD for example PH20 from Renishaw. it would be nice that PH20 can run on PC-DMIS. 


Calibration specs for instruments and probes would be helpful

Les Sinnock 2 years ago in Hardware updated by neil.kay 7 months ago 0

It would be great to have a lookup table for instrument specs, calibration specs, probe specs, standard deviations expected, etc.