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3D in reporting

Zeljko 3 years ago in Report updated by davehocum 2 weeks ago 29

Option to make 3d PDF report, based on point-cloud measurements. Same as on image, but in PDF, or something else readable by users who don't have pcdmis.. Maybe export as step model with this measured values. It's much productive to look at measurements by engineers, and it's easier to create report (for complex models) instead of cad only option.


Analysis view with CAD model

David Courtney 3 years ago in Report updated by neil.kay 6 months ago 4

Add functionality to include CAD view with analysis view.


Autogenerated evaluation report headline/comment

Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 3 years ago in Report updated by neil.kay 1 year ago 9

When creating an evaluation of any sort, I would like to have the option to choose whether or not to let PC-DMIS create a report comment/headline based on the type of evaluation and the selected features. A simple textbox along with a checkbox would work fine. The textbox displays the autogenerated comment and the checkbox enables the user to have it display on the report.

Modus operandi:

I choose to evaluate a LOCation with ONE axis. I the autogenerated comment would display "Dimension <nominal X> <tolerance> for <featurename>". When I click the checkbox, the textbox would be enabled, allowing me to change the autogenerated text. With the checkbox checked, the comment is placed before the evaluation. The checkbox has two functions: it lets me edit the text and it tells PC-DMIS to add the comment. If the checkbox is unchecked, no comment will be added.

If we choose several dimensions in the evaluation, the comment should read "Dimensions for <featurename>". This would work the same way over all evaluations, GD&T and regular dimensions.


Symbol generator

Justin Smith 1 year ago in Report updated by neil.kay 1 year ago 0

Ability to insert balloon symbols into dimensional report. ie triangles, diamonds etc

Under review

Please improve the print resolution of analysis views

gary.wilson 3 years ago in Report updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 10

Excel form report file name

Liviu 5 months ago in Report updated 5 months ago 0

As a Pc-Dmis User i wish to be able to use various trace field's from the measuring routine in the naming of the excel form report name.


Quick edit of the report header

Trevor McLaughlin 1 year ago in Report updated 1 year ago 2

I'd like to be able to right click a cell in the report header and edit its contents. 


Bring back an old function that when viewing a report in the report window you could be taken back to that dimension in the program for editing.

Tim H 2 years ago in Report updated by kevin 2 years ago 3

this function was in older versions. quite handy when proving a program or when dimensions get updated. Way faster than the find function.


PC-DMIS in one language, the report in another

Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 2 years ago in Report 0

I am running PC-DMIS with swedish language setting and thus, the report is also in swedish. However, it would be optimal if I could change the report template language to english - just for the report as we have customers all around the world.

In order to that today, I'd have to either run PC-DMIS in english (all the time) or change language, start PC-DMIS, open my program and print the report.

Would it be possible to add the possibility for the report templates to use a different language (other resources from the .dll's) template only for printing?


Intervention limit for selected nominal dimension comparisons

U.W 3 months ago in Report 0
It is only possible to define one action limit (e.g. 80% or 90%), which is then effective for all characteristics in the measuring program.
Required: Define a separate action limit for each individual characteristic in the measuring program.
e.g: Characteristic 1 --> intervention limit 85%
Characteristic 2--> no intervention limit
Characteristic 3--> intervention limit 70%

Eingriffsgrenze für ausgewählte Nennmaßvergleiche
Es ist nur möglich eine Eingriffsgrenzen zu definieren (z.B. 80% oder 90%), die dann für alle Merkmale im Messprogramm wirksam ist.
Wunsch: Für jedes einzelne Merkmal im Messprogramm eine seperate Eingriffsgrenze definieren.
z.B.: Merkmal 1 --> Eingriffsgrenze 85%
Merkmal 2--> keine Eingriffsgrenze
Merkmal 3--> Eingriffsgrenze 70%