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Collision Detection Speed Slide Adjustment Bar During Simulation

Jurgis Rudkus 1 year ago in Path updated 1 year ago 3
Instead of having to go into a menu and change the similation speed, it would be nice for there to be a slide bar that you can adjust during simlation. That way you can speed up in areas that you know are clear, and slow down in super tight areas. I know that if it clears once, it will clear a thousand times, but some machines act a bit different.

False collision when rotating star probe

Alan_C 2 months ago in Path 0

I get a collision when I run my path lines while using a star probe in tight places. If I have the star probe down in the part and I want to switch from tip #2 to tip #4 (for example) the path lines show a collision. The head does not actually have to rotate at all but rather just switch from #2 to #4. When this switch is made pc-dmis acts like the probe has to move and that is where the collision is happening but on the actual machine there is no collision at all, the switch is made without any movements. I would like to see this false collision to go away while proofing the path lines offline.


Collision List Improvement

Kingsld1 3 years ago in Path updated 8 months ago 2

After Collision Detection has been run have only the Feature ID's on the Collision List appear on the Graphics Display Window.    This will cut down the amount of searching for a feature that occurs.  

Better yet, have collision detection automatically run as you offline program.


Simulation Speed - able to change it during the simulation

wayne.branton 3 years ago in Path 0

It would be nice to vary the simulation speed during offline program by either using the keyboard arrow keys or the speed setting on the jogbox - that way you can slow it down or speed it up on the fly only when you need it to without having to invoke the speed change thru a menu, etc.


Collision Detection

Doopy 1 year ago in Path updated by neil.kay 9 months ago 4

Make the Collision Detection button active without first generating path lines. If I must generate path lines before running collision detection why not just make it part of the button click?


Path lines in online

Andrew Aguillon 2 years ago in Path updated by neil.kay 2 years ago 0

Have not been able to properly view pathlines in online need to always go to offline to view the path. Online versus offline is difficult to understand to operators. What causes the pathlines to not view properly online?


Optimize Path Summary Uncalibrated Tips

davehocum 2 years ago in Path updated 2 years ago 4

Optimize Path Summary will show a list of Uncalibrated Tips. Uncalibrated tips list shows all the uncalibrated tips used by the optimization. You can click on a tip and click Calibrate tip to open the Probe Utilities dialog box and calibrate the uncalibrated tips.


The problem is that the Tip that is selected in the Uncalibrated tips list will not be Highlighted in the Probe Utilities dialog box Active Tip list.


Selected the Uncalibrated Tip.

Selected Calibrate tip. Now Enjoy your search.

Jump to a path line

Ken Renninger 3 years ago in Path updated by neil.kay 3 years ago 1

Add the ability to right click on a path line segment and jump to that section of the program after the last feature or move. Or before the next feature or move.


Path lines from curse does not stay active.

Lord_Warfield 3 years ago in Path 0

Path lines from curse does not stay active and needs clicked to reactiveate.


Path lines for highlighted code only.

Lord_Warfield 3 years ago in Path updated by RDJurca 4 days ago 1

Show path lines for highlighted code only option.