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Be able to Highlight (color) Measured features

Richard73 3 months ago in Measured Features updated 2 months ago 5

Move Program Mode Icon to Measured Features Toolbar

Kingsld1 9 months ago in Measured Features 0

As far as I know Program Mode is only used with Measured Features.  Makes sense to me to take it off the graphic modes toolbar and move it to where it is used.   Easier to find and semi-logical.  


ISO 1101 two-point measurements

Wolle 1 year ago in Measured Features updated 1 year ago 4

Create two auto featurs  and evaluation  all individual points. The desired result would be the extreme dimensions.


plausibility check

Maier 1 year ago in Measured Features 0

Would it be possible to implement a plausibility check for PC-DMIS?
Controllable, I imagine it that way: You can define the plausibility limit in a program-related setting, e.g. deviation >10% of the tolerance is not plausible.
Ideally, this message can be sent automatically to the internal measuring program Support.

If the measuring program is started by a user, for example via the operator starter and a faulty measurement takes place, an error message should appear at the end of the measuring program or directly during evaluation that the plausibility limit has been reached.


Circle evaluation with constraint

Found the constraint on radius/diameter of Circle, but need the constraint activated on the center of circle, to calculate actual radius/diameter on very small portion of circle.


Allow measured feature coordinates to convert to auto features

Kyle Brummans 8 months ago in Measured Features updated by davehocum 8 months ago 3

Often there are tools in auto features that are quite useful.  Often enough I spend time manually converting the coordinates of a measured feature into an autofeature to get the benefits it prescribes.


Make it possible to delete hits from measured features from within the hits dialog

Jörgen Andersson (vpt.se) 9 months ago in Measured Features updated 9 months ago 5

Like the title.

I use measured features a lot (placing hits with mouse/joystick) especially on surfaces/planes.

I have found it quite cumbersome to delete a certain hit from the feature, as you first need to

"find" the hit - either in the command or by using the "hits" dialog for measured features:

After that, you will need to find the actual hit in the command and remove it.

Then, repeat the procedure until all the hits you want to remove are gone.

I would like to have the possibility to multi-select the points I want to remove

through the dialog shown in the image.


Add polar/catersian toggle to measured features

benjamin.frickmann 9 months ago in Measured Features updated by neil.kay 9 months ago 2

Offer the same simple way to swap measured features between polar and cartesian coordinates, as is possible in auto features.


Vision Profile 'Arc' Multi Execute

Kyle Brummans 10 months ago in Measured Features updated by Neil Ryan 10 months ago 1

Currently, when executing profiles I've noticed it will sometimes take small segments of arcs, tiny segments, one at a time. 

It would enhance the run speed of my programs if it could execute all edges visible. 

(Side note: I've also noticed that the scan is much slower than competing products, customers have said things like "I thought It'd be faster" and my boss has even said "I remember XXX Brand being much faster, but maybe I'm wrong")